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has beankh

Multi choice


Handcrafted, tailormade, designer beanbags, for every room of your house!

Our beanbags are designed locally in Cambodia and have bean (did you see that?) hand made with care to ensure the best quality and workmanship. You can view our range of styles provided in our shop and flick us an email or give us a call to arrange a time to come to our premises and look at colours and designs. If you have a large order for a specific need you can make a request for the colour and design that you want and we will endeavour to customise your beanbag to your specific needs. Each of our designer beanbags comes with a trendy drawstring carry bag made of the same fabric as your beanbag. The carry bag has many handy uses such as a travel bag for accessories or a washing bag for undergarments. You could even use it to carry your pet hamster!

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